Two Face
This Portland lime stone sculpture was delicately carved by hand from a solid piece approximately 360mm tall.

It represents the moment a liar is unmasked, revealing something previously unknown, something alien.

Aside from the allusion to Pinocchio, the phallic nature of the nose and the representation of the female vulva suggest that sexual nature is the origin of many deceits.

This piece is of my own design and is for sale: £3,500
The Stoned Wizard
This Portland Stone sculpture was designed as a sundial.

The garland on his head begins as bare twigs at the back and develops buds and blossom at one side then grows to full bloom at the front and subsides to nuts,  berries and fallen leaves on his right shoulder and back to bare twigs.

Hunched, wrinkled and old as time the mystic continues his study of the dial as the great big world keeps turning.
This Purbeck Stone sculpture was commissioned as a guardian for a herb garden and stands about a meter in height.

This piece was sculpted from a solid piece of Wetson Bed Purbeck Stone, selected for its hardness and durability. The client wanted the piece to have liveliness, attitude and presence.
Ammonite Mosaic
I designed this striking mosaic of black and white pebbles for an exclusive waterfront Sandbanks property. The eye catching central feature reflects the circular Portland Stone terracing and infinity pool.
Going to Seed
The concept for this piece, sculpted in Portland Stone, is the relationship of mankind to the Earth.

It is the Artist’s belief that it is human destiny to bring life from the Earth to barren planets, encompassed by the established idea of Terraforming.

The question posed is: Are we out of balance or just part of a natural planetary lifecycle? Are we corruption or fecundity?

Carved from a solid piece of limestone and mounted on a slate plinth this sculpture is currently on loan to Bournemouth University and is sited at the main entrance.
This stone sculpture was commissioned to remember a much loved horse and though he was not of Arab equine lineage he was treasured by his owner for thirty years.

Opinion of the piece as expressed by his owner's testimonial is as follows:  

 "Everyone who has seen Pig's statue have been extremely impressed, in fact it has bought some people to tears which is a testament to the likeness of Pig.

Thanks to you we now have something that can be treasured and remind us of Piggy for many years.

Once again thank you for a job well done and I would have no hesitation in recommending you to anyone else who wanted a statue".
Saluting Frog
This commissioned stone sculpture was hand carved and sculpted in Portland Stone.

The cartoon character frog is a military mascot and demonstrates a defiant nature in a polite version of the Agincourt Salute. i.e. English archers jeered their French adversaries with their intact bowstring fingers that were threatened with amputation if captured.
SCOTT TAYLOR stone sculptor
This is my real passion and while I enjoy all aspects of stone sculpture it is figurative, true to life sculpture that is my constant aspiration.

Figurative stone sculpture is often mistakenly associated with mere reproductions of classical pieces. The true mastery of such a tough discipline yields a freedom of expression and endless possibility that the narrow confines of conceptual art can never enjoy.

While I produce my own sculpture which is available for sale, the object of this section of the web site is to offer a service for one-off commissions. These can be features for buildings such as gate sculptures or commemorative sculptures. A well placed sculpture can invigorate and energize even the most conventional building entrance.

My gallery of sculpted stone, marble and granite gives an idea of what is possible. I can work in all types of material and can give sound advice as to the most suitable for your needs and budget. I am proficient in both relief carving and statuary as you can see from my gallery which features statues of people, angels and animals.

Animal statues and busts are often commissioned to commemorate pets as permanent tributes to be found indoors as well as garden features. I will happily accept commissions to commemorate significant events and anniversaries or simply a unique precious gift.
This commissioned Purbeck Stone sculpture was carved  from a solid piece of Laden Vein Purbeck.

The piece is a copy of a sculpture photographed by the clients while on holiday in Africa. It is abstract Shona style and has been highly polished to enhance the blue grey tone and shell fossil rich nature of the stone.
St Andrew
A life size Portland Stone sculpture for a military establishment commissioned by the Chaplin.

The Saltire cross, fish at the feet and draped net are Biblical references; the ‘cargo pants’, diving fins and mask give a modern twist to the fisher of men.

The high shell fossil content of this piece adds a texture that further congers the sea shore in a context out of time.
This marble sculpture was carved from a piece of Carrara statuary marble and was commissioned to remember a dearly loved Doberman dog.

Carrara marble is just about the finest medium for sculpture and carving, it has a very slight and subtle translucency that gives the surface and ethereal glow and life.

The crisp lines and shadows of white marble show the sculptors craft at its very best.
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